Customized Training

Our Corporate Solutions team realizes that some of your training needs may be unique, and can only be satisfied with a made-to-measure solution.

We can match subject matter experts with instructional designers to develop a customized training solution that perfectly fits your organization’s needs. Once it’s developed, we can provide industry-experienced instructors to deliver your customized training solution in person, online or using a blended model.

Our Corporate Solutions Team will meet with you to:

  • Establish the goals and outcomes of your customized training solution
  • Determine the target audience, including the number of individual participants, their positions within your organization, and their prior knowledge of course content
  • Decide on the length, location and mode (online, face-to-face, blended) of your customized training
  • Identify the necessary technology required to deploy your customized training solution


  • A solution that is aligned with your industry, and your organization’s specific policies, procedures and processes
  • Increased ability for your employees to learn rapidly and directly apply their learning
  • Training that can be deployed when, where and however you want it
  • Content that is industry and/or company-specific



Corporate Solutions

Red River College

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