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The Government of Canada is Taking Action!

COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving global challenge. The Government of Canada is working closely with local, provincial, territorial, and international partners to minimize its health, economic, and social impacts in Canada and around the world. Canada’s economy has not been immune to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to this unprecedented economic crisis, both federal and provincial governments have quickly brought into law legislation seeking to provide support to businesses across the country.

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan for businesses has four platforms: policies aimed at avoiding layoffs and rehiring employees, supporting financial stability, access to credit, and policies for deferred payments.

Please click here to go directly to the Government of Canada Supports for Business section for detailed information on current programs, eligibility requirements and how to apply.


Provincial Support Programs –

Protecting Manitobans, Advancing Manitoba

Billions in COVID-19 Response Measures are Protecting Manitobans, Supporting Local Businesses through Fiscal and Economic Impacts

Manitoba has committed $3.2 billion in response to the health, social, and economic impacts of the pandemic, which is the third-highest level of estimated per capita and as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) support in the country.

COVID-19 commitments include supports for health and social services systems, education, municipalities, businesses, households and vulnerable populations, as well as multi-year investments in infrastructure to help restart the economy and upgrade health-care infrastructure.

For Manitoba’s business community, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have made this past year the most challenging year in recent times. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors to in-person traffic and patrons for significant periods of time; they’ve had to furlough or lay off thousands of employees, and they’ve become dependent on government relief programs to survive.

Directed investments in Manitoba businesses include the $215 million Manitoba Bridge Grant Program, $68 million Manitoba Gap Protection Program, $66 million for the Back to Work This Summer Initiative and Summer Student Recovery Jobs Program, $350 million for infrastructure construction projects as part of the two-year, $500 million Manitoba Restart Capital Program, the Dine In Restaurant Relief Program and the Shop Local Initiative.

Please click here to go directly to the Province of Manitoba Supports for Business section for detailed information on current programs, eligibility requirements and how to apply.

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20 minutes ago
On the line w/ epidemiologist Cynthia Carr of EPI Research for our #Asked&Answered webinar. “This pendemic has broad physical, economic, mental impacts. If you ask people about their experience, they may not know an infected person but they will likely report wellbeing effects.”
1 hour ago
Last chance to join us for our FREE Asked & Answered: Q&A with epidemiologist, Cynthia Carr, founder of EPI Research Inc! We'll be talking vaccine policy, and all things COVID with an emphasis on employer guidance.

Register: @PitbladoLaw & @BioscienceMB

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